Runway Gen-2

Runway Gen-2

Runway Gen-2 AI tool can create videos in any style you can imagine. In this article we will explain it’s capabilities. To create stunning videos using this incredible tool you will need to do just three steps.

Step 1: Compose a Text Input

If you can pen it down, you can produce it. Conceive a unique text input or start crafting one and let our automatic suggestions spark your creativity.

Step 2: Fine-Tune Preferences

Utilize the advanced features online to refine your outputs. Preserve your seed numbers for subsequent creations, activate enhanced video clarity through upscaling, or employ interpolation for a more fluid frame transition.

Step 3: Creation Time

After perfecting your configurations, hit “Generate this” to craft your custom Gen-2 piece. You can then download the creations to your device or locate them in your Runway archive for future access.

Learn the basics of using Runway AI in video:

Three reasons why use Runway?

  1. Unlimited Capabilities. Delve into our suite of over 30 AI Magic Tools, complemented by our comprehensive video editing timeline. Effortlessly remove backgrounds using Green Screen, fashion bespoke LUTs, introduce subtitles, or extract transcripts all within one application. With Runway, the days of cumbersome third-party extensions and external platforms are over. Everything you need is right here.
  2. Continuous Evolution. Runway thrives on research. As a consequence, as a Runway enthusiast, you’re perpetually on the cutting edge of generative AI advancements. Whether it’s the latest in research findings or early bird access to models like Gen-1 and Gen-2, immersing in Runway ensures you’re always in tune with the newest strides in creative AI.
  3. Cloud-Connected. Engage in projects from any corner of the globe. Work collaboratively in real-time. Centralize your resources, accessible with a mere click. Dive into Runway just by launching your browser and signing in — eliminating the need for software installations or occupying disk space.

Pricing and Access

Generating video with Gen-2 on Runway costs $.05 per second. Every monthly subscription provides a set number of credits, and once exhausted, additional credits can be acquired. More on pricing here.

You can utilize Gen-2 on both Runway’s web and mobile platforms. Simply sign in to your Runway account, navigate to Generate Videos > Gen-2, and refer to our video tutorial for detailed guidance.

Importantly, users retain complete ownership of the videos they produce.