On this page, we will provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding Runway AI and its models, Gen-1 and Gen-2.

Is Runway AI free?

Runway provides a complimentary plan with basic features. Gen-2 is priced at $.05 for every second of video produced. Each subscription-based plan includes a set number of monthly credits, after which you may need to buy extra credits.

What AI model does Runway use?

Gen-1 utilizes words and images to create novel videos from pre-existing ones.

The startup’s latest AI model for video generation Gen-2 is an enhanced iteration of the earlier Gen-1 neural network introduced in February. According to the information from Runway, Gen-2 produces videos of superior quality compared to its predecessor. Additionally, it offers greater personalization features for users.

What is the difference between Kaiber AI and runway AI?

Kaiber AI boasts features such as Automatic video generation, an Image Splitting option during export, Music integration, and Initiate Workflows. On the other hand, Runway AI is renowned for capabilities including Video Editing, Image preprocessing, Photo Editing, and Video Looping.

What is Runway AI video?

A versatile AI system, Gen-2, can produce unique videos using text, images, or video snippets. Experience Gen-2 on Runway or give Gen-2 for iOS a go.

Who owns Runway AI?

Runway was established in 2018 by Cristóbal Valenzuela, Alejandro Matamala, and Anastasis Germanidis.

Where can I access Runway Gen-2?

You can access Gen-2 on both Runway web and mobile.

How to use Gen-2?

To utilize Gen-2, sign in to your Runway AI account and navigate to Generate Videos > Gen-2. For detailed guidance, refer to the video tutorial provided.

Can I use Runway Gen-2 video generations commercially?

Absolutely! Runway users retain complete ownership of the videos they produce. For additional details, please consult Terms of Use.

Is Gen-2 is text to video?

Yes, Gen-2 is commonly referred to as “text to video.” If you’re in search of “video to video” capabilities, consider using Gen-1.

What is Runway Discord community?

Runway Discord community is an open forum where you can share and comment on videos made with Runway.

✅ Posting things that you’ve made with Runway
✅ Sharing things that others have made with Runway, with proper attribution
✅ Linking to other places you’ve uploaded your Runway creations, such as socials (tag us!)
✅ Leaving comments and emoji reacts on other posts

⛔ Trying to generate — this is not a generation channel! Please head to https://runwayml.com/ !
⛔ Try to be bad to others. We’ll just ban you! Be nice!

Why is my input getting content moderated?

Runway’s content moderation filter is an automatic process that scans your inputs and the resulting outputs for anything that is not allowed under RunwayML’s Trust & Safety standards.

Specific categories of automatically blocked content include:

  • Nudity, obscenity, or overly provocative content
  • Violence
  • Gore, blood, or other viscera
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Offensive subject matter
  • Children/minors

Do you have an API?

On an individual basis, Runway do not provide API access at this time, and do not currently have a plan to offer API access in the near future.