• Runway: Text-to-Video and Image-to-Video

    Runway: Text-to-Video and Image-to-Video

    Today, we’re diving into the powerful capabilities of creating videos using text and images. Runway’s Text-to-Video and Image-to-Video tools allow users to animate existing images or generate videos from textual prompts. This not only simplifies the video creation process but also opens up new avenues for creativity and personalization. Starting Your Video Creation Journey To…

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  • Invideo - Best AI Video Generator

    Invideo – Best AI Video Generator

    In this article, we’ll look at how you can use AI to generate videos in any language. Getting Started with Invideo First off, you’ll need an idea for a video, and it can really be anything. Then, type in a prompt describing the video that you want to make. The AI generates a script, finds…

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  • 4 Generative AI Video Concepts

    4 Generative AI Video Concepts

    It can be really easy to feel overwhelmed by all the AI video options available today. However, let’s break them down to better understand each type and feel simply whelmed. We’ll explore four different AI video formats: Text-to-Video, Video-to-Video, Image-to-Video, and Deepfakes. While there are multiple tools for each, this article will focus primarily on…

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  • How To Create Consistent Characters in Runway

    How To Create Consistent Characters in Runway

    Creating consistent characters with generative AI involves a lot of experimentation. Let’s delve into the process and try an experiment together. If you’re already familiar with how Runway Gen-2 works and are interested in the prompts used and the results, you can find a quick link in the description. When working with generative AI, it’s…

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  • How to Use Modes in Runway Gen-2

    How to Use Modes in Runway Gen-2

    Welcome to Runway Academy! In this article, we’re going to explore the different modes you can utilize inside Gen 2. Gen 2 is a video generation model that operates with various input types: just a text prompt, a text prompt plus an image reference, or only an image. Starting with Gen 2: Text Prompt Mode…

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  • Runway AI Alternatives

    Runway Alternatives: Morph Studio, LTX Studio

    AI video generation has revolutionized the concept of video creation by allowing users to enter text prompts to generate extended video clips in crystal clear full HD quality. One such tool surpassing others in the market, including Runway ML and Pika Labs are Morph Studio and LTX Studio. This AI tools empowers users to transform…

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  • Techniques for Optimizing AI Video Generation

    Techniques for Optimizing AI Video Generation

    AI video generators are tools that use artificial intelligence to automate and enhance the video production process from beginning to end, revolutionizing the industry by offering new capabilities to creators. These generators facilitate the conversion of text to videos, the incorporation of animations, and the creation of realistic avatars and scenes through AI algorithms. For…

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  • How to Prompt for Text to Video

    How to Prompt for Text to Video

    Welcome to Runway Academy. Today, we’re going to discuss the basics of prompting for text to video in Runway Gen-2. To start, let’s navigate to Gen 2 and select the “Text to Video” option. Here, you can enter a straightforward prompt, for example, “a dog.” After clicking the “Free Preview,” you’ll see starting images. At…

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  • Runway Motion Brush

    The Runway Motion Brush [Explained]

    Creating animations, trailers, and maybe even entire movies just got easier. Animate your Madjourney images in Runway or Pika with less wonky results. Add a prompt and see the difference. Runway’s new motion brush feature has changed the game. It supports up to five different motion brushes. This is truly mind-blowing in the AI space.…

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