• Techniques for Optimizing AI Video Generation

    Techniques for Optimizing AI Video Generation

    AI video generators are tools that use artificial intelligence to automate and enhance the video production process from beginning to end, revolutionizing the industry by offering new capabilities to creators. These generators facilitate the conversion of text to videos, the incorporation of animations, and the creation of realistic avatars and scenes through AI algorithms. For…

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  • How to Prompt for Text to Video

    How to Prompt for Text to Video

    Welcome to Runway Academy. Today, we’re going to discuss the basics of prompting for text to video in Runway Gen-2. To start, let’s navigate to Gen 2 and select the “Text to Video” option. Here, you can enter a straightforward prompt, for example, “a dog.” After clicking the “Free Preview,” you’ll see starting images. At…

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  • Runway Motion Brush

    The Runway Motion Brush [Explained]

    Creating animations, trailers, and maybe even entire movies just got easier. Animate your Madjourney images in Runway or Pika with less wonky results. Add a prompt and see the difference. Runway’s new motion brush feature has changed the game. It supports up to five different motion brushes. This is truly mind-blowing in the AI space.…

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  • Runway Gen-2 Ultimate Tutorial

    Runway Gen-2 Tutorial

    Ever dreamed of bringing your visions to life through art? Look no further because Runway AI is here to turn that dream into reality. Imagine simply describing a majestic sunset on Moon Lake Beach and witnessing Runway AI transform your words into a breathtaking visual masterpiece. This isn’t just about creating images or videos; it’s…

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  • Runway AI Tutorial

    Runway AI Tutorial

    Runway AI allows you to turn text to video, image to video, and video to video that have resulted in some of the most amazing AI-generated videos I’ve ever seen. So, if you want your videos to stand out online or to use it in a movie, I will go through what I’ve learned about…

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  • Runway Custom Style Generators

    Runway Custom Style Generators

    Welcome to Runway Academy. Today, we’ll explore how to use Runway’s custom style generator. This tool lets you create images with a specific look across multiple generations. To start, access the custom style generator by selecting “AI training” on the sidebar in your dashboard. Then, click on “train a style generator.” Before beginning, gather 15…

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  • How to use Runway Multi Motion Brush

    How to use Runway Multi Motion Brush

    Welcome to Runway Academy. Today, we’re using the RunwayML‘s multi-motion brush to create lifelike movement across varying depth layers or distances in an image. First, let’s understand how we determine what would be realistic movement. Imagine your image as a series of slices, each representing a different depth or distance. Objects closer to us are…

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  • Custom Styles in Runway AI

    Custom Styles in Runway AI

    Over the past few weeks, I’ve been experimenting a lot with custom styles and using them in my T2I/T2V/I2I workflows. Below I’ll break down how to develop your own styles and what to watch out for! In your Runway Dashboard, navigate to the AI Training tab in your sidebar. While this thread will be covering…

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  • TOP 5 Text-to-Video AI Generators

    TOP 5 Text-to-Video AI Generators

    Today, we share five AI tools for quick and easy content creation. These tools transform text into engaging content. They’re perfect for social media and business promotions. Now, let’s dive into the first tool. Lucas AI Creator Lucas AI Creator is free. You can make up to 15 creations. Since it’s a research project, buying…

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