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A new AI tool has been launched by Runway. It outshines many paid services. The motion brush feature is a highlight. Another tool can add sound effects automatically. This is the latest AI film update.

A free generation tool, PixVerse, has impressive results. It operates at 30 frames per second and offers 4K upscaling. Examples include realistic shots and dynamic effects.

Visit Pickverse’s website to start. The creation window allows for detailed prompts and style selection. An example of a giraffe at sunset was created, demonstrating both strengths and areas for improvement.

Runway’s competition offers a $5,000 prize and 1 million credits. A motion capture tool, Mushan, introduces new features for realistic animations.

AI advertising and marketing courses are available. These courses cover the latest tools for ad creation.

Leonardo AI introduces real-time in-painting. This allows for detailed scene customization.

A Swiss team is developing a tool for AR and VR enhancements. It allows 3D object placement in scanned environments.

A South Korean research team has created a style transfer tool. It alters the visual style of footage without changing the content.

MidJourney offers a way to create 360 images. Magnific upscales images for more realism.

AI technology is advancing rapidly, opening new possibilities for creators.

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