Runway Weekly Challenge

Runway Weekly Challenge

This week’s Runway Weekly Challenge, “Mythical Creatures” invites you to conjure up fantastical beings and breathe life into them with Runway’s cutting-edge video tools.

Challenge Details

Theme: “Mythical Creatures Unleashed”

Objective: Dive into the realm of fantasy and bring to life mythical creatures using Runway’s advanced video generation tools. Your task is to create a video that showcases mythical beings in a unique and imaginative way. Let your creativity soar as you depict dragons, unicorns, phoenixes, or any mythical creature of your choice in a breathtaking visual narrative.

How to Participate

  • Open your Runway account.
  • Utilize the Gen-2 tools to create your mythical creature.
  • Craft a visual experience that brings a mythical creature to life in a compelling way. This can be a single shot or a compilation of clips, showcasing your skills in video generation and creative storytelling.

How to Vote

React to your favorite challenge entry in the ⁠⏳┊submit-challenge Discord channel with the 🚀 emoji to cast your vote (only 🚀 emojis will count towards determining the winner).

Prize: 5000 Credits and a chance to be featured on Runway’s Official Socials.

Submission: Share your mythical creature masterpiece in the dedicated ⁠⏳┊submit-challenge channel by Sunday, February 4th 11:59pm (EST)

Good luck!

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