Runway Motion Brush

The Runway Motion Brush [Explained]

Creating animations, trailers, and maybe even entire movies just got easier. Animate your Madjourney images in Runway or Pika with less wonky results. Add a prompt and see the difference. Runway’s new motion brush feature has changed the game. It supports up to five different motion brushes. This is truly mind-blowing in the AI space.

Control at your fingertips makes creating clips fun. I put together a teaser video in less than 2 hours. Remember the importance of picking the right music for your trailer. It should captivate the audience and reflect the story arc. Your song needs a decent crescendo. A good mix of beats helps in cutting scenes.

I chose a song from Pixabay for my project. Next, I worked on my image assets in Madjourney. Some prefer creating all their image assets first. Others create them while assembling their video. The approach depends on your project’s specifics.

Short prompts often create better images than long ones. For my project, I created 15 images with simple prompts. The process involved generating images of a futuristic city, a parliament, and a close-up of a cyborg. I also created images of landscapes reminiscent of Dune, a comet shooting down onto a planet, and scenes of destruction.

How to use Runway’s Motion Brush Feature

Now, to bring these images to life with Runway’s motion brush feature. It’s easy and intuitive. Open Runway, navigate to generate videos, and upload your image. Control the movement, camera motion, and apply the motion brush. The feature, still in beta, allows precise control over the animation.

For my spaceship scene, I used the motion brush to create directional movement. I animated other scenes, like a comet shooting towards a planet and a final scene of destruction. The results are impressive.

Editing and sequencing are crucial in creating a compelling video. The quality achievable in a short period is amazing. I’ve created a teaser video in less than 2 hours.


Are you interested in AI filmmaking? A course on this topic might be coming soon. Check out the teaser video I created and let me know your thoughts. For more information, check the video description. Keep on learning, and thank you for watching!

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